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CDx3 Notification Service Website - Home Page


You can think of the CDx3 Notification Service website as your own automated research assistant; it reaches out across the Internet for information related to preferred stocks and makes it available to you in one place - real-time information happening today as well as historical archives. The CDx3 Notification Service website allows you to know your preferred stocks (including Exchange Traded Debt Securities), the companies that issue them and the events that are affecting the marketplace that they trade within - right now.

The site's design comes directly from the suggestions submitted by subscribers on their Continuous Improvement Program surveys. The most popular features occupy the main menu bar for quick access.

New subscribers should be sure to click on the Getting Up To Speed button in the upper-left corner. A new window will open on your screen with tips designed to help you get started quickly.

After you sign onto the CDx3 Notification Service website, you will see the website Home page.



Hot Lists ^ Return To Top


Hot Lists are predefined lists of the highest quality preferred stocks and Exchange Traded Debt Securities (EDTS). Clicking on a Hot List launches our Preferred Stock ListTM software application (the most powerful tool available for preferred stock investors) showing your Hot List of preferred stocks.


For each preferred stock Preferred Stock ListTM presents a variety of information (ex-dividend date, current market price, volume, Moody's and S&P ratings, trading symbol, IPO date, call date and much more). All columns can be sorted and data can be downloaded and saved in Watchlist or spreadsheet format. You can also create your own Hot List of preferred stock trading symbols for later retrieval (see the Preferred Stock ListTM tutorial for instructions).


Before Call - Lists preferred stocks and Exchange-Traded Debt Securities (ETDs) that meet all ten CDx3 Selection Criteria from Preferred Stock Investing (CDx3 Compliance Score = 10) and are call protected (yet to reach their respective call dates). These are the highest quality preferred stocks available on U.S. stock exchanges.


Beyond Call - Lists preferred stocks and Exchange-Traded Debt Securities (ETDs) that meet all ten CDx3 Selection Criteria from Preferred Stock Investing (CDx3 Compliance Score = 10) and are now callable (they can be retired by the issuing company at any time). The price of a preferred stock that the market thinks is about to be called behaves differently than that of a preferred that has yet to reach its call date.


Combined - This Hot List combines the previous two Hot Lists into one so that these high quality issues (CDx3 Compliance Score = 10) can be viewed and analyzed together in a single list.


Exg-Traded Debt - Lists Exchange Traded Debt Securities (ETDS) that meet all ten of the CDx3 Selection Criteria from Preferred Stock Investing (CDx3 Compliance Score = 10). ETDS's will frequently be referred to as preferred stocks since they are extremely similar. But these securities can represent lower investment risk than the same company's preferred stocks since ETDS's are bonds that trade on the stock exchange (rather than on the bond market). ETDS's are recorded on the company's books as debt rather than equity (e.g. preferred stocks).


CDx3 Bargain Table - Lists the highest quality preferred stocks (regardless of dividend rate) that meet an additional criteria that make the resulting issues ripe for purchase. These are the highest quality preferred stocks that are available for less than their par price ($25.00 per share) right now. Buying preferred stocks for less than $25.00 per share provides the buyer with an added layer of principal protection since shareholders will receive $25.00 per share in the event that the issuing company retires the shares (which also positions the buyer for a downstream capital gain on top of the great dividend income in the meantime). The CDx3 Bargain Table is sorted by the Dividend Rate (coupon) column, highest to lowest, and shows you what the market is offering in the below-$25 price range.


CDx3 Compliance Score at least  - Lists securities that are at a certain quality level or higher in one mouse click. Each security in our Preferred Stock ListTM database has a "CDx3 Compliance Score" (1 through 10) that indicates how many of the ten CDx3 Selection Criteria the security is able to meet. Securities that are able to meet all ten of the CDx3 Selection Criteria ("CDx3 Preferred Stocks") have a CDx3 Compliance Score of 10. Click on any score value to see a list of preferred stocks and Exchange-Traded Debt Securities that have a CDx3 Compliance Score at the level you clicked on or higher. When viewing lists of preferred stocks, just hover your mouse over any trading symbol and a small window will open showing you its CDx3 Compliance Score (the security's weaknesses will be highlighted in red).



CDx3 Research Notes ^ Return To Top


We publish two preferred stock research newsletters every month: (1) the non-promotional CDx3 Research Notes just for subscribers to the CDx3 Notification Service and (2) the CDx3 Newsletter which is available for free to the general public and promotes our products and services.


The Home page presents the first page of the current issue of the subscriber's newsletter, CDx3 Research Notes. Clicking on the page numbers seen just above the first page image presents subsequent pages of the newsletter. An archive of the previous twelve monthly issues is also available here.


Want to get a hardcopy? Clicking on the Open In Separate Window link that you see just above the top-right corner of the newsletter page image will open a separate window on your screen and display the current issue of CDx3 Research Notes in PDF format. Using that window, you can print the newsletter, resize the pages for easier reading or download a copy to your computer.



CDx3 Library ^ Return To Top


The CDx3 Library link presents a collection of CDx3 Special Reports (single topic research papers for preferred stock investors - free to subscribers), a link to the current issue of our free CDx3 Newsletter and a link to the website of the book, Preferred Stock Investing.



Preferred Stock Market Trends and Metrics ^ Return To Top


The Trends and Metrics charts allow you to see key indicators of the preferred stock marketplace. Clicking on the +Zoom link below each chart displays a larger image while the What's This? link opens a separate window with an explanation of the chart.


Three charts are presented in the Preferred Stock Market Trends and Metrics:


CDx3 Perfect Market Index - The value of the CDx3 Perfect Market Index reacts to preferred stock market events. A value of 100 is a theoretical 'perfect market' for CDx3 Preferred Stocks. When the preferred stock market is 'perfect' the average market price of a specifically defined sample of CDx3 Preferred Stocks will be $25.00 per share. A value greater than 100 indicates a market favoring buyers (average prices are less than $25) while an index value less than 100 indicates a market favoring sellers (prices are higher than $25). By calculating and charting the index each month, we can see (1) the type of preferred stock market we are in (buyer's or seller's), (2) the direction of the market, (3) the magnitude of the change in the market from one month to the next and (4) the speed of that change over time. Savvy preferred stock investors know that preferred stock investing strategies vary depending on whether we are in a buyer's market or a seller's market (as described throughout Preferred Stock Investing).


Bank CDs - Preferred stock investors favor fixed-income investments such as preferred stock, bonds and bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs). This chart illustrates the spread between the 'going dividend rate' being offered by the newest CDx3 Preferred Stocks and the average annual percent yield (APY) offered by the top ten 24-month bank CDs in the United States (source: This spread, by the way, is where the 'CD Times 3' Income Engine gets its name.


CDx3 Key Rate Chart - This chart shows the 'cost of money' at three different levels within the U.S. economy. At the bottom, closest to the source, is the federal funds rate as set and managed by the Federal Reserve. Next up the chart is the ten-year treasury note yield. This value is computed by averaging the daily yields throughout the month for this bond. The top line shows the average dividend rate being offered by the most recently introduced CDx3 Preferred Stocks. Presenting these three values on one chart allows us to see the cost of money set within our banking system and the reaction to this and other events in the bond and high quality preferred stock markets.







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