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CDx3 Notification Service Website - The Companies


The Companies tab gathers key information about the companies who are current issuers of preferred stocks and exchange-traded debt securities (ETDs). The Companies page allows you to monitor company strategies and performance. If you are considering becoming a preferred stock shareholder of one of these companies, this is the place to check them out.



See income securities issued by a specific company


To see a simple list of income securities issued by a given company, just click on the plus sign that appears next to each company's name.

Clicking on a company's plus sign expands the information to show a list of the income securities issued by the company.


The list includes all traditional preferred stocks, trust preferred stocks, 3rd-party trust preferred stocks and Exchange-Traded Debt Securities (ETDs) that are currently trading on U.S. stock exchanges.


Notice that the company names seen in bold font are those that have at least one CDx3-compliant security currently trading (i.e. they are able to meet all ten of the risk-lowering selection criteria from Preferred Stock Investing).

In this example, Kimco currently has four preferred stocks trading, one of which (KIM-H, seen in bold font) is CDx3-compliant.


This feature also allows you to see preferred stocks that were originally issued by one company but have since been acquired by a different company. Bank of America (BAC) provides a good example. Preferred stocks originally issued by Countrywide and Merrill Lynch are listed under Bank of America since BAC acquired CFC and MER during the financial crisis.


Get a detailed list in one mouse click


Clicking on any company name will open a new tab in your web browser to our Preferred Stock ListTM database, pre-loaded with the complete details of the securities issued by the company that you clicked on.


Search by common trading symbol


Notice that the common stock trading symbol of each company appears in parenthesis directly after the company's name. Including the company's trading symbol allows you to quickly search the list of companies if you are more familiar with the company's symbol than its name. AG Mortgage, for example, is more commonly known by its common stock trading symbol "MITT".


To search The Companies list for the common stock trading symbol of the issuing company, just use your web browser's Find function (located under your browser's Edit menu).


A search box will open for you to enter the company's trading symbol, such as "MITT". Your browser will scroll the list of companies to the company's row and highlight it for you.


You can also use your browser's Find function from the keyboard rather than using the Edit menu. Just hold your [ctrl] key down and type the letter f. The search box will open where you can enter the trading symbol to search for.


Company research and news


The Companies tab also presents a wealth of financial information and current news about each company.


Transcripts: Clicking this icon allows you to read the actual words spoken by each company's executives as they reported their most recent, and historical, quarterly earnings results. These transcripts are absolutely fascinating as savvy analysts ask these executives the pointed questions that are on your mind.


Profile: The Profile icon presents a page that describes the business, where it is headquartered, its history, number of employees and key executives. A link to the company's website is also provided.


Summary: The Summary icon shows key information regarding the company's common stock trade, earnings, charting and dividends.


News: Clicking the News icon presents not just the most recent articles from the financial press that mention the company but the page allows you to view historical stories, too.


Financials: The Financials page presents a comprehensive summary of the company's financial metrics taken from its most recent SEC filings.


Ratings: See how Wall Street analysts are rating the company. A history of upgrades and downgrades is listed along with other metrics showing where analysts stand.


Know your preferred stocks and know the companies that issue them.


Transcripts are provided by Seeking Alpha (; Profile, Summary, News, Financials and Ratings are provided by Yahoo!, Inc.


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