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CDx3 Notification Service Website - PS News


Introductions of new issues and redemptions of old issues are two of the primary events that define the U.S. marketplace for income securities. The PS News tab allows subscribers to list newly introduced preferred stocks and ETDs, see those that are being called and also get a list of the email notifications and text messages that we have sent to subscribers announcing the introduction of new securities.

The PS News tab provides a window into these key events - all in one mouse click for CDx3 Notification Service subscribers.




New Issues (IPOs)


CDx3 Notification Service subscribers receive an email message and corresponding Spec Sheet whenever a new preferred stock or Exchange-Traded Debt security begins trading on any U.S. stock exchange - including the wholesale Over-The-Counter exchange.


Clicking on the "IPOs" link presents a list of all new preferred stocks and ETDs that have been introduced to the U.S. marketplace within the last 30 days (remember that the IPO Date is the date that the security's underwriters purchased the new shares from the issuing company). The list is presented using our Preferred Stock ListTM database application so all of PSL's powerful features are available to you when you are viewing the list of new offerings - download the list, print a hardcopy, sort and re-sort, chart price movement and much more.




Call Announcements


Companies are generally required to give at least 30 days notice when they are going to redeem your preferred stock shares. By clicking on the 'Call Announcements' feature, all preferred stocks and ETDs that are being called will be listed.


As with the IPO list discussed above, the list of called securities is presented using our PSL database application. The Call Date column indicates the date that these securities will cease trading; shareholders will receive the security's par value (the Liquid Price column seen below) plus any accrued dividends in cash on the indicated call date. The list is sorted by the Call Date column when it appears.



eMail Alert Log


CDx3 Notification Service subscribers receive an email alert and/or text message whenever a newly introduced preferred stock or ETDs begins trading on any U.S. stock exchange, including the wholesale Over-The-Counter grey market exchange.



Our email alerts present the same detailed information as our Spec Sheets. By clicking on any blue trading symbol, a new tab will open with the Spec Sheet for the security you clicked on.


Notice that some of the trading symbols are no longer blue, indicating that the symbol has changed. Typically this occurs when the security has transferred from the OTC exchange, where it was trading under a temporary OTC symbol, to a big board exchange where it now trades under its new, permanent symbol.


For example, looking at the above image, on September 13, 2016 MONMP began trading on the OTC exchange and subscribers received an email alert accordingly. But then three days later, on September 16, 2016, this same security transferred from the OTC to the NYSE, its symbol changing to MNR-C. MNR-C is now linked to the Spec Sheet for this security.


Using the "Your Settings" feature on our website, you can control the type of email alerts you receive from us - receive all, some or none; it's up to you. The eMail Alert Log lists the email notifications that have been sent to CDx3 Notification Service subscribers within the last 30 days. Reviewing the list allows you to confirm which alerts you received and also provides a way for you to see which ones your email preference settings excluded you from in case you want to make adjustments.






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