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CDx3 Notification Service Website - Ex-Div Calendar


The Ex-Div Calendar presents a list of the preferred stocks and Exchange Traded Debt Securities that, per their prospectus, should have a dividend declared this month by the issuing company (a portion of the Ex-Div Calendar for March 2015 is shown below).


The ex-dividend date shown is for the most recently declared dividend. The list also includes called issues that will pay their final dividend this month and new issues that should declare their first dividend this month.


The Ex-Div Calendar is a powerful tool for both buyers and sellers. There is more upward pressure on the market price of a preferred stock that is closer to its dividend pay day (the 'ex-dividend date') than an otherwise identical preferred stock that is further away (this due to the 'time value of money'). So buyers can often find good prices just after the ex-dividend date passes.


Similarly, market prices tend to be their highest for the quarter just prior to the ex-dividend date which can provide an opportunity for those considering selling.


The Ex-Div Calendar, sorted by the ex-dividend date, shows buyers and sellers which days to check market prices and does so in advance.



The Ex-Div Calendar for any month can be generated by clicking on the corresponding schedule link seen just above the table.






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