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CDx3 Notification Service Website - CDx3 Discussion Group


The CDx3 Discussion Group is the largest online group of preferred stock investors. The CDx3 Discussion Group is only available to CDx3 Notification Service subscribers and is not viewable by members of the general public.


The CDx3 Discussion Group provides a variety of forums for preferred stock discussions. You do not need to Register or create a CDx3 Discussion Group username in order to read the forums.





Getting Started With The CDx3 Discussion Group

How To Register

Posting A New Topic

Posting Guidelines



Getting Started With The CDx3 Discussion Group ^ Return To Top


Once into the CDx3 Discussion Group you will see a Forum titled "Please Read" on the Board Index (which is what the Group's home page is called). Please click on the Please Read heading and read the time-saving tips first.


All subscribers to the CDx3 Notification Service are able to access and read the contents of the CDx3 Discussion Group and its various Forums. However, if you would like to join the discussion by replying to topics posted by your fellow subscribers or post new topics yourself, the CAN SPAM Act requires that you Register (we cannot do this for you).




How To Register ^ Return To Top


Subscribers to the CDx3 Notification Service are a very interesting group with a lifetime of investing experiences to share. Join the Group and join the discussion.


You do not need to Register (create a Group username) if you just want to read the Group's posts. But if you want to join the discussion (which you are highly encouraged to do), click the Register link at the top-right of the screen and create your Group "username" (do not use your email address as your Group username).


When posting topics, others will see the username that you create when you Register so be sure not to use your email address as your username (we cannot Register for you as doing so would violate the CAN SPAM Act; you must create your CDx3 Discussion Group username yourself).



TIP: You will use your username when you log on to the CDx3 Discussion Group. Since others will see your Group username please do not use your email address as your username. Make your Group username something that (a) is easy for you to remember and (b) you do not mind others seeing. And be sure to remember it since you will need it the next time you want to access the CDx3 Discussion Group.




Posting A New Topic ^ Return To Top


Once you have Registered (see above) you are ready to login to the Group and post a new topic to a Forum.


When you first enter the CDx3 Discussion Group you will see the Board Index (home page). There are login links located at the upper-right corner of the screen as well as across the bottom.


The list of available Forums is presented on the Board Index (such as the Preferred Stock Investing Discussion Forum). Once you have logged in, enter the Forum within which you would like to post a new topic by clicking on the Forum title on the Board Index.


Now that you have entered the Forum, just click on the NEWTOPIC button at the top of the screen as seen here.




The NEWTOPIC screen allows you to craft your post, save a draft that you can come back to later, preview how your new post will look and, when you're ready, submit your new topic to the Forum. Your new topic will appear within the Forum immediately.


Please note that the Group administrator (cdx3_admin) monitors posts to the CDx3 Discussion Group. Please observe the Group Posting Guidelines when creating new posts.


Other CDx3 Discussion Group members will receive an automatic email notification that a new topic has been posted.


You can subscribe to receive email notifications of new topic posts by clicking on the 'Subscribe forum' link at the bottom of the Forum page as seen here (TIP: Be sure to click on the words 'Subscribe forum' rather than the little checkbox).



Once you have subscribed these words will change to say "Unsubscribe forum." Clicking on "Unsubscribe forum" will disable the new topic email notifications that are sent to you.




Posting Guidelines ^ Return To Top


The CDx3 Discussion Group is what our Subscription Agreement (Individual) refers to as a "Public Forum" and your use of it is governed by those provisions (this is the same Agreement that you agreed to when you subscribed/renewed). You do not need to create a username if you are going to just view the CDx3 Discussion Group, but if you decide to Register and post, please keep the following Posting Guidelines in mind:


Be sure that your posts:
- are informative and encourage conversation and learning about preferred stock investing;
- provide information that is supportable and practical regarding preferred stocks;
- are more informative than dramatic;
- ask useful questions and provide supportable answers to previously posted questions.

We discourage and may delete posts that:
- are not related to preferred stock investing (no political posts);
- advertise other investment programs, products or services;
- duplicate information that you or another reader have previously posted;
- are disrespectful or levy personal attacks or insults;
- are intentionally misleading or will have the same effect;
- make claims that are unsupportable or are factually incorrect.

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