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CDx3 Notification Service Website - Trends


The Trends page on the CDx3 Notification Service website is one of a kind. While there are lots of stock charting tools around, this is the only one that is pre-loaded with metrics and data that is specifically for preferred stock investors. And you can print your chart or download our historical data, too.



The Trends page allows subscribers to graphically view current trends, as well as the historical performance, of a wide variety of key metrics that are specific to the preferred stock marketplace. Here's how this page works:


First, select the specific metric that you want to chart using the Chart drop-down list. Just click on the little down-arrow and the list of metrics available to be charted will appear in a scrolling list.


Notice how these metrics are specifically tailored to the interests of preferred stock investors. You can view the historical performance of U.S. preferred stock coupon rates, yield-to-call, preferred stock trading volumes over time, U.S. money rates and much more.


The metrics, which include data for U.S.-traded preferred stocks and ETDs, are organized into three groups:


     - CDx3-Compliant: These metrics are for the highest quality preferred stocks trading on

       U.S. stock exchanges (those that are able to meet the ten selection criteria

       documented in Preferred Stock Investing). We have collected data on the

       performance of these special securities for many years and allow you to chart,

       print and download much of it here.


     - US Preferred Stocks: This group of metrics reflects the characteristics of the overall

       U.S. preferred stock marketplace, including CDx3-compliant and non-CDx3

       compliant issues.


     - US Money Rates: These rates represent the "cost of money" at various levels

        throughout the U.S. economy, starting with the federal funds rate, moving up through

        treasury notes and finally AAA corporate bond and bank CD yields.



The above example selects the market price for U.S. preferred stocks.


Now select the date range for your chart by setting the From date and the To date. You can either type in your dates or use the handy calendar tool that will automatically appear when you click into a date field (and disappear when you click out of a date field).


The From date will default to the earliest date for which our metrics database has data for the metric that you selected for your chart. You can specify any From date you want as long as you do not designate a From date that is earlier than the default value (the oldest available data). Also, your From date cannot be greater (more recent) than your To date.


Similarly, the To date can either be typed or you can use the calendar tool that will automatically appear when you enter the To date field. The To date defaults to today's date automatically, but you can change it to any date you want as long as you do not specify a To date that is prior to your From date or a To date that is in the future.


The Increment drop-down list will automatically populate with a variety of time increments that you can select for your chart - Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Annually. The number of these increments that are presented will depend on which metric and date range you have specified for your chart (not all increments are available for all metrics over every date range). The Increment drop-down list will default to the most detailed time increment available for the metric and date range that you have selected.


The example at the top of this page shows the daily movement of the average market price of U.S. preferred stocks (including ETDs) during July, 2015.


Below is a chart of historical interest to preferred stock investors. This chart illustrates the average yield provided by CDx3 Preferred Stocks (none of which have ever missed a dividend payment) available on U.S. stock exchanges since January, 2001. The massive returns realized during the Global Credit Crisis are hard to miss on this chart.



The crisis years provided the highest dividend income in history, not to mention spectacular capital gains, to those following the preferred stock selection and investing method described throughout Preferred Stock Investing.


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